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Kim Nichols, MA, LPC, RYT | Licensed Professional Counselor

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I've had the fortune to work with Kim for over 6 years now and her compassion, insight and empathy have helped tremendously on my journey of healing.
Kim is infinitely patient, kind and wise.  She always reminds me to be compassionate and tender with myself, which I'm coming to understand is key to moving through tough emotions that feel stuck.  She listens fully, engages wholeheartedly, and isn't afraid to ride the waves of pain and fear with me when they arise.  She always meets me wherever I'm at with no judgment.  I feel comfortable sharing everything with her, even the things I am afraid to admit to myself.  She is a trusted adviser, a practiced therapist and a deeply conscious human being.

I no longer believe in happenstance. Perhaps even before my bodily form took shape, my soul was destined to meet Kim. In matters of life and death, the divine is too playful, too creative, and much too wise to leave our life trajectories merely to chance. At the end of our first meeting, just after the oxytocin signaled the first contraction of my rebirth, Kim told me she would be my midwife.

Everyone knows that during labor, the pain is intense, inevitable, and ever faithful, like waves in a storm. But not everyone is equipped to sit with you in your discomfort, experiencing it right alongside you for the duration. At times the contracting waves were completely unbearable, pain like I had never felt. Loss seemed to accompany each one, including the loss of many relationships from their previous form, whether physical or spiritual. But perhaps the most significant loss was that of my own contrived identity, a shell that had formed in response to decades of persistent messages telling me how to earn my value. Losing my protective shell meant losing the familiar, and the more I chipped away using ever-sharp tools, the more I realized just how deep the layers were. Despite the reality of pure light beneath the shell, I had become accustomed to the notion that love was always conditional.

And yet, holding true to her earlier declaration, Kim guided me through the narrow birth canal toward the freedom of truth: my perfection is in my wholeness. I am both fully human and fully divine. Informed by true love, Kim knew that in order for me to progress on this path, I needed to hear and trust the divine within me, as manifested in my body, my heart, and the reflections of the universe’s symbols and synchronicities I encountered on my journey. Using her superpower of intuition, Kim supported me to release my grasp from useless attempts at satisfying all of the conditions in the world around me. In doing so, I was able to discover that divine unconditional love is always available, right within me. The traumas inherent in dichotomies had separated me from the divine. Thus, I learned to love myself. After every session with Kim, my head spun with wonder, and my heart became full of the warm joy that comes with profound realizations of the truth about oneself, however painful they may be. My close friends often received an excited text from me as I walked from Kim’s door to my car, often starting with something like, “I just met with Kim. She. is. brilliant.”

Just as I was passing through the ring of fire, ever so near the moment of my rebirth, Kim and I realized that 22 years prior, we had both been visitors in Fort Collins at the exact same time, both traveling from out of state, both significantly impacted by the same events. The realization of this divine orchestration of time and space indicated my wheel’s completion of one full cycle, signaling to me that I am now ready for new experiences of growth, life, and love on the path’s continual revolution. Thank you, Kim.

Kim saved my marriage. I was exhausted with young children, trapped in a job I resented and married to a man who was physically and emotionally absent. Something had to change. With Kim's help and a lot of work we were able to find a partner in each other, change bad patterns, learn to communicate and shift perspectives. She's been invaluable in my life.

Kim is absolutely amazing.  I was going through a very rough time when a friend gave me Kim’s name.  I was a very broken person when I came to see Kim and couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It was a huge step to take to make that initial call for an appointment, but I  am forever grateful that I did.  Kim has incredible insight, compassion, a sense of calm and humor.  I have learned so much about myself.  I have grown so much and have done a lot of healing along the way.  It is rare to find someone you can connect and feel comfortable with.  I feel very lucky and blessed to come in contact with Kim.  She is phenomenal.
- Jeanne

I’ve been working with Kim for more than twenty years now. She’s been an incredible witness to the positive changes in my life and an excellent reminder of how far I’ve come. She’s a vital sounding-board and helps me navigate difficult situations with confidence. I appreciate her ability to tell me what I need to know rather than what I want to hear, and to deliver that message with incredible amounts of compassion.
- KD

Working with Kim in the therapeutic environment she has so carefully and thoughtfully created is a rare and cherished experience.  Having Kim as my learned guide toward wellness has been an exceptional journey.  She has the remarkable ability to simultaneously support me when my tether has slipped and to push me toward new and invigorating ways of re-framing the world I know and the life I lead.  Kim listens with compassion and empathy, she questions with respect, she humbly shares sage wisdom, she challenges with honesty, and she fully believes that folks can heal.  I can only sing Kim’s praises. Her kind presence and her invaluable insights are treasured gifts in my life.  I am a better person for having known her.
- Kathryn / Fort Collins, Colorado

A compassionate, wise therapist

After working with Kim for over two years, I realize how fortunate I am to have found a therapist with such insight and compassion. Kim always gives her full focus and energy to me during each and every session. She has traveled alongside me during a very emotional journey, and has proven to be fully capable and responsive to me at every juncture. Her insights have helped me uncover the patterns and relational dynamics that are ultimately leading to healing for me and my family. She is gentle and kind, yet with a solid core of strength that is always reassuring. I trust her completely and highly recommend her.

Phenomenal counselor

Kim Nichols is phenomenal. Before meeting Kim, my husband was very skeptical about the potential for counseling to help our situation. Throughout our sessions together, she gracefully navigates the tension between our conflicting perspectives in ways that simultaneously honor our authentic selves, forge common ground, and facilitate mutual understandings. What has been especially helpful is Kim's ability to provide language and insight as tools for us to see our situation from a big picture, bird's eye view. Kim has a gift for getting to the heart of the issue without sacrificing warmth, humor, and empathy. As long as Kim keeps her practice open and as long as we need counseling, we have no desire to see anybody else except Kim. She is terrific!

My counseling experience with Kim was truly life changing. With support and empathy, and her incredible intuition, she helped me find a new approach to living my life truthfully and with an inner sense of calm even in the midst of chaos. She helped me let go of anger and fear and to learn to love and trust. These changes have remained with me and carried me through other difficult life situations long after my counseling ended. My time spent with Kim was invaluable and was the critical element in my journey of self discovery. She is an amazing woman and a gifted counselor.
- Lisa

My experience working with Kim Nichols has truly been a journey of self discovery. Her approach is straight forward, self aware, self responsibility based. That is true healing. Kim holds sacred space for the deepest form of healing to occur. I have referred many to Kim with the utmost confidence. Through her range of experience and expertise she has provided me with an individually based invitation to experience life as a self actualized, whole person. Through my work with Kim, my eyes have been opened to the true gifts of my empowered self and I have been on an amazing journey to "become" my empowered self in every area of my life. I am forever grateful to Kim for this opportunity and for her commitment to life!
- Mary D

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