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The goal of counseling, whether it be an individual, a couple or family, is to evaluate mental/emotional patterns, belief systems, and life circumstances that are creating difficulties and pain. Whole Person Counseling is a supportive, nonjudgmental approach that empowers each client to become self aware and find compassionate solutions for living a personally responsible and joy filled life.

Developing Whole Person Counseling over 30 years, Kim has come to appreciate that healing happens during a client’s movement-physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually-towards a whole view of self. Wholeness is a self- compassionate, self-examining, self-accepting and personally responsible experience that enables clients to heal self-destructive behaviors and habits.

Individual Counseling

Therapy is an empowering experience for the client. Kim collaborates with each client to identify areas of concern in one’s personal, relational and/or professional life. A therapeutic plan is developed from clients stated goals and professional assessment. Some self-destructive patterns are a result of traumatic events in one’s life that have been buried in order to cope with day to day living. Kim has created a process over years of experience and continuing education that can assist clients to examine such memories while staying present and utilizing tools that assist each person in moving toward whole self-acceptance and healthy life choices.

Couples Counseling

Each person in a couple projects expectations, desires and judgements into the relationship. Initially, those projections can feel good. However, without examination, those feel good projections can turn negative when each person’s family history; trauma history; coping patterns; habits or unresolved feelings start to interact and create a destructive dynamic. Typically, this happens unconsciously for each person so they believe they are dealing with current relationship issues. Kim is very skilled in guiding couples to identify current issues from those that are feeding a destructive dynamic. In either case she educates and empowers the clients to take responsibility for their individual healing and commit to resolving destructive dynamic.