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Energy Work


Energetic Healing

We know that the human body is energy. The energy centers or chakra centers hold the “soft ware” or blueprints of the energetic body therefore it is helpful to learn about and interact with our blueprints and emerging patterns. Kim has studied energetic medicine for 25 years with some of the leading pioneers in the field; ancient healing modalities; Healing Touch; Reiki; Mindfulness and the current trauma and brain research. Kim offers her clients the chance to learn about and experience different modalities of Mindfulness and Energy Healing when it is appropriate as part of a therapeutic plan. The following are a few examples of energetic experiences:

1. Mindfulness

Emotional Regulation is goal of mindfulness techniques. Most clients enter a therapeutic relationship because emotions and physical sensations are no longer tolerable. They are seeking help. In order to provide a safe and compassionate space for each client to become self- aware, emotional regulation plays a critical role. Techniques such as guided meditation; body scanning; breath awareness; journaling; and more are typically part of therapy sessions.

2. Reiki

Reiki is an energy practice that channels universal life force energy with the human body in order to release blocks, balance energy centers (chakras) and enhance well being. The client may lie on a massage table, fully clothed, and Kim guides the session above the body. It takes about 15 minutes to assess the energy centers, describe that to the client and balance the energy body. Clients regularly report an overwhelming sense of well being and clarity. Most clients find the practice so helpful they “get on the table” before each session. Over time, patterns and blocks are revealed that are helpful in assessing the whole person.

3. Yoga

An integrated yoga session is designed to respond to each client’s unique personal journey towards wholeness. Yoga can help identify energetic patterns and imbalances as well as prepare the client to stay present and witness the whole self. Being guided through a yoga practice with individual attention and support can greatly enhance its benefits.