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Sustainable Life Rhythm (SLR) is an ever evolving, client centered plan created with each client as they become self-aware, self-compassionate, and personally responsible.

Kim developed SLR as a tool for clients to incorporate the personal discoveries unearthed during counseling. SLR prioritizes sustainable self-care above all. It is a radical idea as each client experiences when faced with committing to a schedule that supports it.

This is the opportunity for each client to walk their new talk, new understandings and live the truth discovered within the difficulties that brought them into counseling. When clients understand that healing is happening in the choices made toward wholeness acceptance, they come to understand the power in their choices. Each decision and action taken with self-compassion and love helps to sustain a life that unfolds in support of health, happiness and purpose.

Kim utilizes a safe, nonjudgmental space and therapeutic exercises to guide clients into self-awareness- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. From that awakening, Kim encourages each client to identify activities, experiences and interests that enliven personal joy, support whole health and promote over all well-being.

Next, clients are encouraged to create a calendar to schedule days, times and frequency of personal activities to design a sustainable life rhythm.

As clients practice their new rhythm, they are encouraged to evaluate the feel of the plan they initiated and use the skills gained to make changes as life unfolds. The Sustainable Life Rhythm is informed by the client’s wholeness within their whole life which is ever changing and evolving. Personal power is knowing we have choices in every moment to create the life we want to live.