Kim Nichols, MA, LPC, RYT | Licensed Professional Counselor

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Kim Nichols, MA, LPC, RYT | Licensed Professional Counselor

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Whole Person Counseling is a supportive, nonjudgmental approach that empowers each client to become self aware and find compassionate solutions for living a responsible and joy filled life.

Counseling Services Near Me in the Berthoud, CO Area


Embarking on a path to personal development and healing is a valuable endeavor. Located in the core of Berthoud, CO, Whole Person Counseling provides a refuge for individuals aiming to understand the intricacies of their lives from a holistic standpoint. For those searching for "Counseling Near Me in Berthoud," this is the ideal spot.

With Kim Nichols at the helm, Whole Person Counseling benefits from her extensive experience—over three decades—blending counseling, psychotherapy, mindfulness related to body energy, intuitive sciences, and trauma research to aid her clients on their journey toward recovery and change.

Whole Person Counseling is dedicated to:

  • Offering an accepting environment for individual, couple, and family counseling.
  • Guiding clients to self-realization and nurturing solutions.
  • Adopting an integrative approach to ensure thorough healing and happiness.

We go beyond the scope of conventional counseling by integrating energy practices and strategies for maintaining a healthy life balance, aiming to help you lead a harmonious and contented life.

Whole Person Counseling is here for those in Berthoud, CO, looking for an empathetic and insightful counselor to accompany you through your emotional growth journey. We are prepared to assist you in identifying patterns and relational dynamics that pave the way to your recovery and self-empowerment.

To begin your path to recovery and wholeness with Whole Person Counseling in Berthoud, CO, reach out to us by calling 970-567-5334 or visiting our contact page for more details.

Couples Counseling Can Help You Build a Stronger Relationship


Dealing with the intricacies of couple relationships can be intricate, yet with the right guidance, couples can find avenues to reinforce their connection. Our service offers couples counseling aimed at deconstructing the tangled web of expectations, desires, and criticisms that can strain a relationship.

The essence of our couples counseling lies in pinpointing both the immediate and root causes of issues that lead to negative relationship patterns.

Key points for couples contemplating counseling include:

  • Delving into both present concerns and deep-seated issues affecting the partnership.
  • Mastering effective communication techniques and adopting new viewpoints.
  • Focusing on personal growth to enhance the overall quality of the relationship.

Through our couples counseling services, many couples have successfully navigated the path to strengthening their connection, transforming harmful habits, and building a foundation of mutual respect and understanding. Our goal is to support couples in taking charge of their collective healing process.

We assist couples in Berthoud, CO, looking to fortify their union. Contact us now to begin your path to a more robust relationship - 970-567-5334.

Individual Counseling Near Longmont - A Whole Person Approach


Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that individual counseling can be a powerful catalyst for change, encouraging clients to adopt positive life changes and self-acceptance. Each individual counseling session is customized, concentrating on the client's personal, relational, and occupational challenges.

We provide a safe, unbiased space conducive to progress toward a holistic self-perception.

Essentials for individual counseling entail:

  • Customized counseling plans derived from clients' aims and expert judgment.
  • A supportive process for confronting traumatic histories while maintaining a focus on the present.
  • Progressing towards total self-acceptance and the choice of healthier life paths.

With Kim Nichols' expertise in trauma-responsive therapy and a focus on the whole individual, we pave the way for clients to heal from trauma and PTSD. Our counseling journey is designed to empower and lead clients to a life of authenticity and completeness.

If you're around Berthoud, CO, and in search of individual counseling that embraces a comprehensive approach, Whole Person Counseling welcomes you to start your healing journey with us.

Call us at 970-567-5334 to discover how we can assist in your journey toward healing and complete transformation.