Kim Nichols, MA, LPC, RYT | Licensed Professional Counselor

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Kim Nichols, MA, LPC, RYT | Licensed Professional Counselor

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Whole Person Counseling is a supportive, nonjudgmental approach that empowers each client to become self aware and find compassionate solutions for living a responsible and joy filled life.

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Finding a sanctuary for healing and self-discovery can be a life-changing experience. For those in Windsor, Whole Person Counseling offers such a place. Led by Kim Nichols, MA, LPC, RYT, with over thirty years of experience, this clinic provides a pathway to a more balanced life for its clients.

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Whole Person Counseling distinguishes itself by integrating conventional counseling techniques with energy work and a holistic perspective that encompasses an individual's mental, physical, and spiritual aspects.

Highlights of what sets Whole Person Counseling apart include:

  • Individualized Counseling Approaches: Your healing journey is distinctly yours, necessitating a personalized counseling strategy.
  • Emphasis on Self-awareness: Understanding your behavioral patterns is the first step towards transformation.
  • Compassionate Space: A place where all feelings are validated and embraced.
  • Understanding Relationship Dynamics: Couples gain insights into their issues beyond just the apparent conflicts.
  • Exploration of Energy: Delving into your energy essence can reveal significant revelations.

Kim's expertise in mindfulness and energy healing has been refined into a methodology that aids individuals and couples in addressing and healing from the adversities and pressures of life.

Whole Person Counseling is a haven for those in Windsor seeking to overcome personal hurdles or enhance their relationships, offering a nurturing environment for exploration, clarity, and a heartfelt journey toward health.

This approach goes beyond merely solving immediate problems; it aims to foster a life rhythm that aligns with your essence. To embark on this comprehensive counseling experience, get in touch with Whole Person Counseling and start your journey toward self-empowerment.

For anyone interested in this all-encompassing counseling method, please reach out at 970-567-5334 or check our contact page for more information.

Couples Counseling Can Help You Build a Stronger Relationship


Couples in the Windsor area our couples counseling is a beacon for those sailing through the complexities of a relationship. This setting, led by Kim Nichols, an experienced counselor, offers couples a chance to blend their unique tunes into a cohesive, understanding melody.

Couples often arrive with the burden of silent expectations and past experiences. In this space, they are guided to:

  • Discover Underlying Dynamics: Exploring individual stories sheds light on collective paths forward.
  • Promote Personal Development: Growth is about blossoming individually and as a unit.
  • Nurture Mutual Healing: Shared healing processes strengthen ties and rejuvenate love.
  • Foster Genuine Communication: Cultivating new ways to express love and understanding.
  • Reframe Disagreements: Turning conflicts into opportunities for growth and harmony.

Kim excels in navigating couples through the intricacies of their relationships, transitioning from discord to a shared, compassionate understanding. Her method focuses on resolving present issues and deepening connections with awareness and purpose.

If you're in Windsor looking for a path to a durable and fulfilling partnership through couples counseling, Whole Person Counseling offers the expertise you need. This journey is not just about repair; it's about flourishing together.

To build a more robust connection, contact Whole Person Counseling at 970-567-5334 or visit our contact information page.

Individual Counseling Near Windsor - A Whole Person Approach


In Windsor, we present a specialized approach to individual counseling that blends life's complexities into a coherent whole. Kim Nichols, our caring counselor, has refined a technique throughout three decades that respects each individual's unique journey toward self-realization and empowerment.

When you join the comforting realm of Whole Person Counseling, you'll find:

  • Complete Self-Acceptance: Fully embracing every part of yourself for total healing.
  • Reestablishing Life Balance: Returning your life's equilibrium to its rightful state.
  • Trauma-Sensitive Approach: Tackling historical traumas with delicacy and profound expertise.
  • Intentional Forward Movement: Advancing in life with purpose and mindfulness.
  • Choice Empowerment: Mastering the art of making decisions that reflect your true essence.
  • Integrating individual counseling with energy work and mindfulness, we guide individuals to identify and mend deep-rooted patterns and traumas. This journey promotes healing from past hurts and arms you with the capabilities to make sound life choices going forward.

As we delve into self-discovery, we unlock our transformative potential. Residents of Windsor are invited to experience growth and comfort at Whole Person Counseling, a place where everyone’s presence is recognized, heard, and esteemed.

Whole Person Counseling is the next step for those eager to progress toward a life of fulfillment. Contact us at 970-567-5334 or on our contact page to initiate your path to completeness.