Kim Nichols, MA, LPC, RYT | Licensed Professional Counselor

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Kim Nichols, MA, LPC, RYT | Licensed Professional Counselor

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Whole Person Counseling is a supportive, nonjudgmental approach that empowers each client to become self aware and find compassionate solutions for living a responsible and joy filled life.

Counseling Services Near Me in the Johnstown, CO Area


Uncovering a place dedicated to healing and personal evolution can significantly alter one's life trajectory. Johnstown's residents have such a resource in Whole Person Counseling. At the helm is Kim Nichols, MA, LPC, RYT, who leverages her extensive three-decade-long career to steer clients toward a life of balance and harmony.

For those in quest of "Counseling Near Me in Johnstown," look no further.

We are renowned for our fusion of traditional therapy with energy healing and an all-encompassing view that addresses the psychological, physical, and spiritual dimensions.

Features that highlight the uniqueness of Whole Person Counseling include:

  • Customized Healing Plans: Recognizing that every individual's journey is unique, we offer tailored counseling strategies.
  • Focus on Self-discovery: Identifying your own patterns is critical for growth and change.
  • A Safe, Understanding Environment: A space where every emotion is seen and honored.
  • Insight into Relationship Dynamics: Couples uncover deeper levels of understanding, moving past immediate disputes.
  • Energy Work Insights: Tapping into your personal energy field can lead to profound breakthroughs.

Kim's specialization in mindfulness and energy therapy has culminated in a practice that empowers individuals and couples to tackle and recover from life's challenges and stress.

Whether it's personal growth or relationship enhancement you seek, Whole Person Counseling is a supportive space for Johnstown inhabitants to gain insight, clarity, and a compassionate route to wellness.

It’s about more than just addressing present difficulties; it’s about cultivating a lifestyle that aligns with your innermost self. To delve into this holistic counseling approach, contact Whole Person Counseling and commence your journey to personal mastery.

If this holistic approach speaks to you or someone you care about, don't hesitate to get in touch at 970-567-5334 or visit our contact page for further details.

Couples Counseling Can Help You Build a Stronger Relationship


For those in Johnstown embarking on the journey of couples counseling, a transformative experience awaits. Kim Nichols, a committed counselor, creates an environment where couples can align their individual rhythms into a harmonious relationship.

Within this setting, couples address:

  • Identifying Deep-Seated Patterns: Unearthing each partner's history to light the way forward.
  • Encouraging Individual Progress: Fostering growth individually for collective flourishing.
  • Experiencing Joint Healing: Strengthening connections through shared recovery.
  • Enhancing Honest Dialogue: Developing new modes of love and understanding.
  • Positive Conflict Transformation: Shifting from conflict to calm, constructive interactions.

Kim's skilled guidance allows couples to differentiate between surface issues and deeper relational dynamics, leading them from conflict to a place of mutual compassion and understanding. Our approach aims to resolve disputes and enrich the relationship with depth and intention.

Residents of Johnstown seeking a meaningful and resilient relationship through couples counseling should consider Whole Person Counseling. The focus here is on growing stronger together.

Embark on your path to a more profound partnership by contacting Whole Person Counseling at 970-567-5334 or by visiting our contact page.

Individual Counseling Near Johnstown - A Whole Person Approach


For the community in Johnstown, we introduce a distinctive form of individual counseling that intertwines the various aspects of existence. Kim Nichols, our empathetic counselor, has developed a method that honors the personal path of self-exploration and empowerment over thirty years.

Individuals entering the supportive environment of Whole Person Counseling can anticipate:

  • Wholehearted Self-Acceptance: A journey towards accepting every aspect of oneself for comprehensive healing.
  • Harmonizing Life's Balance: Finding the natural rhythm in your life once again.
  • Sensitive Trauma Care: Gently addressing historical traumas with deep understanding and skill.
  • Conscious Advancement: Progressing with awareness and deliberate mindfulness.
  • Authentically Aligned Decisions: Cultivating the ability to make decisions true to one’s self.

By merging individual therapy, energy bodywork, and mindful practices, individuals are led on a discovery to unveil and heal ingrained patterns and traumas. This pathway facilitates the healing of old injuries and empowers individuals with the knowledge to pursue healthy decisions in the future.

This exploration unveils our innate capacity for transformation. Residents of Johnstown will find a place of solace and growth with Whole Person Counseling, where each person is acknowledged, listened to, and appreciated.

Whole Person Counseling awaits those prepared to embark on a journey to a more enriching life. Reach out to us at 970-567-5334 or through our contact page to begin your adventure toward fullness.