Kim Nichols, MA, LPC, RYT | Licensed Professional Counselor

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Kim Nichols, MA, LPC, RYT | Licensed Professional Counselor

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Whole Person Counseling is a supportive, nonjudgmental approach that empowers each client to become self aware and find compassionate solutions for living a responsible and joy filled life.

Counseling Services Near Me in the Windsor, CO Area


Discovering a haven for healing and personal growth can transform lives. In Windsor, residents can access such a sanctuary at Whole Person Counseling. Here, Kim Nichols, MA, LPC, RYT, a seasoned therapist, brings over three decades of expertise to guide clients toward a more harmonious existence.

If you've been searching for "counseling near me in Windsor," you have come to the right place.

This practice uniquely blends traditional counseling methods with energy work and a whole-person approach, considering mind, body, and spirit interconnection. Here's a snapshot of what makes Whole Person Counseling stand out:

  • Tailored Therapeutic Plans: Your journey is yours alone; thus, your counseling plan should be unique.
  • Self-awareness Focus: Discovering your patterns paves the path to change.
  • Empathetic Environment: Here, every emotion is acknowledged and respected.
  • Deep Dive into Dynamics: Couples find new understanding beyond surface-level conflicts.
  • Energy Exploration: Engaging with your energetic blueprint can unlock profound insights.

After exploring the realms of mindfulness and energy medicine, Kim has honed a process that helps individuals and couples confront and heal from life's traumas and stressors. Whether navigating personal challenges or seeking to strengthen your relationship,

Whole Person Counseling provides a space where Windsor residents can find support, clarity, and a compassionate path to well-being.

It's not just about addressing the immediate issues; it's about embracing a sustainable rhythm of life that resonates with your deepest self. To experience this holistic approach to counseling, reach out to us, Whole Person Counseling, and let your path to personal empowerment begin.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this holistic approach, don't hesitate to call us at 970-567-5334 or visit our contact page.

Couples Counseling Can Help You Build a Stronger Relationship


In Windsor, CO, couples counseling beckons those navigating the waves of partnership. Kim Nichols, a dedicated counselor, offers a space where couples learn to harmonize their melodies, sometimes discordant, into a symphony of understanding.

Couples counseling often come bearing the weight of unspoken expectations and histories. Here, they learn to unpack:

  • Uncover Hidden Patterns: A deep dive into each person's narrative can illuminate the path forward.
  • Embrace Individual Growth: It's about flourishing together by thriving individually.
  • Heal Together: Joint healing can fortify bonds and renew connections.
  • Communicate Authentically: Find new languages of love and comprehension.
  • Transform Conflict: Conflict becomes constructive, moving from turbulent waters to a peaceful stream.

Kim's adept facilitation helps couples discern between current issues and underlying dynamics, crafting a journey from confrontation to compassion. Her approach is about resolving conflicts and enriching relationships with insight and intentionality.

So, if you're from Windsor and seeking a resilient and rewarding connection for couples counseling, consider the guidance at Whole Person Counseling. It's about more than mending—it's about thriving together.

Begin the journey to a stronger bond by calling Whole Person Counseling at 970-567-5334 or through our contact page.

Individual Counseling Near Windsor - A Whole Person Approach


For Windsor residents, we offer a unique approach to individual counseling that harmonizes the complexities of life. Kim Nichols, our compassionate counselor, has curated a process over three decades that cherishes the individual's journey toward self-discovery and empowerment.

Here's what individuals can expect when they step into the nurturing space of Whole Person Counseling:

  • Self-Acceptance: Embracing all facets of your being for holistic healing.
  • Life Rebalancing: Restoring your life's rhythm to its natural flow.
  • Trauma-Informed Care: Addressing past traumas with sensitivity and expertise.
  • Mindful Progression: Moving forward with intention and mindfulness.
  • Empowered Choices: Learning to make choices that align with your authentic self.

Through the integration of individual counseling, body-energy work, and mindfulness, individuals are guided to uncover and address deep-seated patterns and traumas. This process not only aids in healing past wounds but also equips you with the tools to make healthy life choices moving forward.

As we explore, we realize the potential for change within us. Windsor residents can find comfort and growth at Whole Person Counseling, where everyone is seen, heard, and valued.

Whole Person Counseling is here for those ready to take the first step towards a more fulfilled life. Contact us at 970-567-5334 or visit our contact page to start your journey toward wholeness.